Where have we been ?

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Where’s Jimmy ?

I know it has been a while since we have posted something up but I have not been taking on any new work due to Illness and other personal problems that have to take priority. Many thanks to existing customer who fortunately we have completed or near completed their project before this all started. Also thanks for my friends who have kept in touch with me thru the period such as Donna from Wren Training , Donna at Beckett & Co, Sarah at Tech N Toast as well as many more people. I have not disappeared and I am still here as some know to help ( and not always for pay either ) my friends.

Sometimes its not can be be more rewarding to do something because you want to help and not because you want to sell something. If somebody has looked after you ( in anyway, shape or form ) then sometime when  you’ve worked hard for them the respect and fact your are then a friend and not a client means alot more. Also I find that if you do anymore work for them in the future they’ll have no trouble paying you more for your continued effort. Its one thing in today’s Britain, even todays world that seems lacking. A lot of people are more interesting in make people pay for their time irrespective of who they are. Its a sad world we live in where people seems to have problems making friends other than friends and family in their circle be it from school, maybe from work or previous jobs.

Working hard….

Anyway as for me and Accede IT I am just in the process of sorting contract work with in the NHS. The paperwork can be long winded in contracting but the most determined will succeed. If it was easy everyone would be trying to do it wouldn’t they ? So sometimes you have to look first in the short term before the  longer term which may mean you make good money that a friend ( not a client ) can offer you. Don’t ever forget the value of information either, it is true what they say that its not just what you know its who you know. Everybody I know has a skill, something that I and many other would need even if only once in their life time. Also the way that friends transact the business and how they interact is quite important, seeing how they succeed what their top tips are, can always be usual to fuel your own thoughts.

Well that is it for me tonight, for those that have not been in touch. Please feel free to touch base and let me know what your up to. Its always good to hear about what everyone else is doing ? If you want to leave a comment with your new please feel free.

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