Windows Server Support

Windows Server Support

Your server is probably an essential element of your business and, as such, must be kept working at its optimum efficiency, either via your in-house expertise or an external server support contractor like Accede IT. It only takes a couple of hours of poor performance or downtime to scupper deadlines for a week or longer, while data loss can have very serious implications.

Accede IT server support service includes configuration, so it will work well to your company requirements. We perform regular proactive maintenance, both remotely and on-site, performing tasks such as updating operating software (like Windows), plus optimising and updating your firewall and antivirus. We also ensure all key information is backed up (also see disaster recovery).

We also can source brand new servers and configure and commission them to your company’s requirements.

Contractual server support

Server support is available as part of a Accede IT’s tailored Support contract. It’s an annual agreement you can pay for monthly, which gives your business the peace of mind of reliable, priority assistance when you need it most, as well as knowing that your server is being kept in tip-top condition.