Whats your disability ?

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by James Page

Its no secret that I have had a disability from birth. Spina bifida has to a degree mould some of my life but for the majority of things in life I am no different to you. (unless your a lady of course). Yes its clear how my disability will have affected me, as its is more visible and obvious to the majority. Some people judge, but the majority say nothing. Everyone, and i mean everyone has some form of disability. Some can be life changing and threatening but cant be seen, like diabetes or asthma . Others can affect you without you even knowing like blocked arteries, cancer tumours and diseases that get worse progressively like dementia, parkinson and others again that aren’t to obvious to the eye.

Which brings me on to my question of why is hate crime such a big issue in the UK ? On the television last night I watched and article on hate crime and it state as a country we have become more and more accepting of the Lesbian Gay and Bisexual movements, yet a number of other areas such as Transgenders, Disabled People and some Religions are still being targeted by extremist who seem to have a problem with these people.  I would have to ask one of these extremist to explain why there is a need to be so horrid ? I then invite them to check out a website that will help them predict their chance of getting a disability in the future, if they have not got a hidden one already. Disability Awareness have a great tool that everyone should look at its calculates Personal Disability Quotient (PDQ) and  Earnable Income Quotient (EIQ). Why not try it by visiting the online tool at What my PDQ ? See what the chances of disability are for you in the future and  how it could effect you if you are unlucky. It may also open your eyes to what  a disability is ? Nearly 1 in 4 people in the UK are suffering from some form of mental health problems, the common being Anxiety and Depression symptoms  and unsurprisingly enough  these people are also caught up in stigma and hate crimes too. So you see, i hope, that it can happen to anyone and disability can effect different people in different ways, and also alter their lives significantly .  Which brings me back to ask and make you think about what is your disability ?

On Sunday 10th of July 2016, Disabled Awareness Day brings together disabled and abled people together.  The world’s largest ‘not for profit’ voluntary-led disability exhibition, held annually in a huge tented village within the grounds of Walton Hall Gardens in Warrington will see a number of visitors the chance to meet over 250 exhibitors, equipment suppliers, transport, holidays, leisure, employment, support groups and services. The show next year opens at 10am and finishes at 5pm, and entry is FREE with a FREE programme.  So why not visit the link and put the date in your diary help and learn more, and even give your children the chance to have a fun day out but meet other people.

The maybe even some events near your home town, your local RNIB, Local Equality and Diversity, Deaf Club, MS Society they are everywhere and including yourself in these groups. I know  alot of my friends who are ambassadors in business, will read, support and share this with people they know will understand. If you are one of them people then I and the rest of the world who has some form of irregularity with their life are thankful that you are against hate crime and as the majority we can educate other, be that thru bring up our children to know right from wrong or even by just share site against hate crime with other so they can pass the word around and we can make this a minority crime.

Here are some amazing people that like you dont need this criminal activity any more than anyone else, the majority of us are law abiding citizens so lets make sure  we teach other whats acceptable.

Disability Means Nothing To These

I have only scrapped the surface and not made an essay of the situation to find out more please follow the following sites in the UK and make your own decision on what is acceptable and how you can help because every little does help. Its not just about people who bng the drum 24/7. Just one action you make could make the difference. Some problems can be fixed with out send medicine out to fix problems, some time our own actions can make all the difference.

So what’s your disability ?







National Hate Crime Awareness Week Toolkit

For a map of proposed events celebrating the week click here .

Follow the event on the Facebook page or on Twitter. Use the following hashtags #NHCAW, #WeStandTogether, #No Place For Hate, #Safe Place For All.


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