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Websites are a shop Window

Written by James Page

At Accede we do realise that a website has to be up to date, with latest Copyright dates, latest relevant news, latest product evolution and also a method to analyse the marketing effect ( usually Google Analytics’s ). Most business then sit back see the Google analytics figure hopefully growing as the days go by. Sadly that is not the end of the game, even if your have 200 visitors a day , this might not reflect or transpose onto you bank balance. Playing the numbers game is a dangerous place to operate if you focus on the wrong ones, or the right ones in the wrong ways.

Call me old fashioned if you want, but the numbers that I care about are those that deliver results on the bottom line – in growth and profit. An obsession with getting more and more site visitors, unique hits, eyeballs, call it what you will does not mean much, unless you turn it in to a monetary value. When I have worked on Website we on with the client we always take the Google analytics’s and place them against the same periods trade. Where the trade is return business the is an argument that it may not be directly due to a push via the website.

Whilst I accept that you need to drive traffic to your site and that with no visitors you have no business, I also strongly believe that the end objective of driving visitors to your site is to ultimately turn the visits into purchases or business conversations. It’s an eyeballs to cash ratio.

If you know you’re faking the popularity of the site and those liking you are swapping likes for likes then the only people you convince are yourselves. What’s the point?

Leave your ego at home

A good site, with a good business behind it and a powerful and relevant value proposition will succeed whatever your ‘likes’ strategy. Leave your ego at home and bring the powerful value proposition to work with you instead. Flipping the Stalin take on its head, one customer paying money to you is a revenue, a million likes, an ego-trip. I go for the revenue stream every day. If for every 100 visitors that come to your site, you generate one sale, that means 99 said no. It’s stark and painful to admit. What if you could convert that one sale to five sales instead? That’s a number that is far more appealing to your bank balance and will certainly improve your businesses performance instantly. Far more so than adding another few hits.

So what the concern, my website does the work ?

Look at the sales funnels instead. This involves understanding the steps your site visitors take to become your customers. You need to get a feel for how they flow into your business and the steps you take them through to get them to a sale. Ask some big questions and move away from ego massaging. Build a revenue model that goes from like, to love, to revenue. And, in the process ask yourself some tough questions:

Why do you want to drive people to your site?
When people visit, how can you initiate a human conversation?
Can you get them to enter into a subscription of some form?
What information do they need that you have the helps them make a better and more informed purchase decision?
Why don’t they buy from you?
Massage your bottom line, not your ego.

Remember, A wise man should have money in his head, but not in his heart. The only customers worth having are ones who spend money through you, one at a time.
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