Are you living in a value over quality lifestyle ?

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As budget retailer Poundland has said it wants to buy 99p Stores for £55m, subject to approval by competition authorities. It clear to see that here in the Uk we value the budget end of the market at least in some area. The two firms today have signed a conditional deal for £47.5m in cash and £7.5m in shares.

So are you a fan of the discounters in the UK and handing over all your custom to them or do you vary your buying style dependant on the item ?

Since 1990, Poundland has opened almost 600 shops in the UK, Ireland and Spain, and plans to open 16 new shops per year for the next two years in the UK and Ireland. It trades as Poundland in the UK, and Dealz in Ireland and Spain. As a business in IT we are keen to provide a wide scope of options we don’t just target the discounted end where money can be tighter, but we can bring value and high end quality where precision is more important to the solutions. During our own research we found that there are twice as many empty shops in England’s northern towns and cities as in the South.

For the previous six years, the worst performing region had been the North West, where  shop vacancy rate had increased to 18.6% for the same period. Unsurprisingly, London was the best performing region with a vacancy region of 8.7%.


Herses an overview of the towns / cities with highest lowest vacant shops.
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The towns with the highest vacancy rates:

Burslem (West Midlands) 29.4%

Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent (West Midlands) 27.7%, ( Stoke  residents have a great rail links to Manchester, Crewe, Liverpool and West Midlands Cities so it maybe they are travelling to these easily accessable places )

Hartlepool (North East) 27.3%

West Bromwich (West Midlands) 27.1% ( West Bromwich competes with Birmingham City Centre, Wolverhampton, Walsall and Dudley that are all very close by as well as Merry Hill Shopping Mall)

Droylsden (North West) 26.8%

Morecambe (North West) 26.8% ( Morecambe is more of a seaside resort, and is seasonal. Nearest shopping places are Lancaster , Penrith, Lake District Towns and Preston )

Stoke (West Midlands) 26.6% ( Stoke  residents have a great rail links to Manchester, Crewe, Liverpool and West Midlands Cities so it maybe they are travelling to these easily accessable places )

Bootle (North West) 26.4%

Walsall (West Midlands) 26.2% ( Walsall sits in the Noth west quadrant of the West Midland Metroplitan area, and competes with Wolverhampton, Birmingham. Dudley and Merry Hill )

Stockport (North West) 25.9% ( Stockport is very close to Manchester where most people do their shopping )


The towns with the lowest vacancy rates:

Debden (East of England) 0%

Highgate (Greater London) 0%

Beaconsfield (South East) 0.9%

Stanmore (Greater London) 1.1%

Eastgate, Lincoln (East Midlands) 1.3%

West Wickham (Greater London) 1.4%

Cobham (South East) 1.7%

Askew Road (Greater London) 1.8%

Bridport (South West) 1.9%

Oxford, Summertown (South East) 1.9%


Do you shop in your own town ? If you’re in the North West in one of the Highest vacancy towns, the chances are there will be more budget shops and the more traditional high street stores have probably cut their stores their due to the demographics. So I go back to the original question do you shop for value or quality ? And if you do is your home town in or around the highest vacancy areas ?

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