What is Unified Communication ? Do I need it ?

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To start what UC isnt is

  • Just a Web Conferencing Tool
  • Its not a replacement for your Instant Messaging ( even Microsoft are killing of IM )
  • Business Cinema system

Unified Communications is a lot more and you business should be looking to use it as a vehicle to reduce to a minimum the existing desk phone estate.  In our  experience when working on UC projects and feasibility studies we seen businesses look at:

• Providing new NGN phone numbers avoiding changing number every time staff move
• Reduce size and scale of telephony infrastructure to reduce costs
• Standardise voicemail
• Provide flexible working capability / enable property strategy
• Link people to phones to overcome difficulties tracking costs
• Reduce use of mobiles for internal calls
• Make it easier to contact staff (sort out years of user admin) bad number formats,
wrong info.
• Divisions trying to
– Reduce conference call costs
– Reduce travel budgets
– Reduce telecoms costs
– Enable flexible working

The key to deploying Unified Communications is is planning and you really have to make sure you can see the savings and realise them from day one. Always appraise your need now and  5 years into the future. This will mean that what ever you invest in now will be scale-able in 5 years.

Can you answer these questions comfortable now before we

• What is your organisation trying to achieve with UC?
• Remote offices? What can they support on the links?
• Is there anything local sites can‟t do? Will I need Network upgrades ?
• To what level and when does the programme include voice, video, Telepresence?
• Are you booking rooms? Meeting room booking system integration?
• Windows XP? Mac users? Old versions of IM clients? Is it time to cleanup
• Handsets: Responsibility for the electrical safety, upgrades etc or PoE?

Unified Commuincations

UC Can make a difference and change how people work but please ensure that your business can exploit UC before the investment. Change is a scary word for alot of Businesses.

When Accede IT makes a visit to people like you, we always are keen to help you resolve your problems so you can become more profitable. But with every change you make in business you also need to look at Business Process Improvements. So many businesses, but mainly the bigger ones, are scared of BPI. BPI can mean lots of change for a businesses staff and in some cases suppliers and customers. Its a fact that employees, supplier and customer will react to changes you make to how people work or contact you. BPI is essential thou you cant just stick with the same old way your business runs, business don’t stand still and neither should your processes. Stop doing the things you don’t need to do, start doing thing to help trace ability.


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