The Technology in the NHS.

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After a recent incident which took me into my local hospital (Preston Royal Hospital), it was kinds of odd to see how IT is used. I can’t obviously comment on what happens behind the doors of the office of the consultants, registrars and junior doctors, but out on the ward all you observations, risk assessments and medications charts all remain on paper, at the end of the bed. If you go you have bloods taken, x-rays, ct-scan , MRI, Urine test and many more things these all come thru on the computer. At each bay on the ward there is a PC secured on the NHS network. It seems the final piece in the jigsaw are missing. And the biggest issue they have on the ward is finding you notes. The pharmacist may have them, the lead nurse, a consultant or even one of his young doctors who are being trained.

As such you have wards having different process to achieve their trusts goals for care. ¬†The nurse for me are the key to your stay, all nurse are great at what they do but not all nurses understand everyone challenges. I was glad to say my nurse was spot on and the key is trust to. If you trust someone you are implicitly honest with them as they are trying to help you. Anyway I digress slightly¬†but nurses paperwork is amazing , I swear they are time lords or related to Doctor Who. The paperwork along with the physical and mental care of their patients, as well as doing handover notes I just don’t get how the quality of these task can be impinged. For tonight I think I leae it there but sure there are ways to get these system computerised to help nurse and patients.


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