Speed networking. Good or Bad ?

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So we have had Speed Dating for years and years a now. But Speed Networking is now increasing in popularity , rather than the normal networking events which may involve a guess speaker, and some other function with an open networking opportunity at the end. At the Business Start up show in London a few weeks back held several session with 40 minutes and to network with 40 new contacts. And what a fantastic idea to brush up on your short elevated pitch (in 30 seconds ). Just about every respected business mentor cites networking as one of the most important skills for any business owner.

The chance to meet new client and find supplier you can rely on is just an opportunity not to be missed. Most business that are busy and hard to get hold of are usually busy, down to the networking efforts. With networking the time investment is not not in most cases an immediate return, usually a slow burning candle but building a network of contacts could prove invaluable in the long term. The fact you can advice your own customer that you know of contact in other fields that can help them is something that show you are connected.  If people are connected they tend to be going place.

As a SME, we understand that everyone is busy, and I am sure you will have had the same concerns we had about being away from the business.  But if there was a 40 minute session say once a month as well as maybe the standard networking then we think more would be encouraged in. What do you think ?

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