Software licensing! Are you 100% sure your business is legal?

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Taking the guesswork out of software licensing

It key in today’s legislative world, that you are covered properly. Microsoft and a lot of the bigger software houses are changing there license models. Did  you know that even Google Earth has a business licencing model ? most don’t and assume cause its free for the consumer they can use it for business usage.  As user consumer we never can be bothered to read the EULA’s but as business you pay a price if you not legal. That price can be your good name and a fine and/or prison sentence.

Everyone of of clients typically views IT as a utility  which should deliver computing and automated services at the flick of a switch. This culture does not place IT in a positive bargaining position and leads to licensing checks and balances being overlooked. It just so easy to copy the same piece of software several times over and business prefer the quick fix and need of another office based machine over paying the true cost. Please Please Please, don’t just install software that has been licensed previously. and if you have then you should organise a Software Assets Assessment, you can do elements of this yourself but for Microsoft licensing we recommend using a reputable IT specialist. What they will do is be able to check what license agreement you have on the Microsoft License register for multi use licenses, OEM and any retail licenses. We recommend who ever you contract to do your software asset assessment has Professional Indemnity Insurance.

James Page ( Accede Consultant )  says ” I was amazed in my time in the Insurance sector by how many firms that don’t have Professional Indemnity Insurance, for many its a common sense product to have and gives the customer some reassurance should there be a problem with any advice.  The are a number of insurance service providers that will offer this such as Hiscox, Thistle Insurance Services and Allianz.”

So when you can be assured you are dealing with a suitable software asset vendor, you are looking for them to document and tally up the licenses, with machine serial numbers. The resulting shortfall will result in a quote that should outline 2 or more ways of resolving any shortfall. Again alarm bell should be ringing if there is only one resolution, as some license package maybe better suited to you in the future by adding to them, opposed to buying retail copies.

If someone offers OEM license to fix your issues you should again check the position on this as OEM license only come with new machines, or in some circumstances other new hardware. Always think to the future and if you likely to get more equipment or want to re use license when a machine dies that you get the right license.


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