The Shocking Truth about Syria.

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OK this evening were slightly off topic but with Syrian Conflict  being everywhere you look be that tv, radio, newspapers or the internet. For me it the one time I guess I feel just a little fed up with the information overload. It not the fact I dont care about Syria, I think the whole thinks is horrific. Since the 00’s we seem to see more and more newsflashes and popups or adverts  are there to keep remind you of the latest casualties or latest progress. Do you ever feel just sometimes you could just take the snippets when you wanted them rather than someone dictating it to you. I am sure I don’t need to give you a Syria conflict summary.

Syria’s intensifying refugee crisis today has passed a disturbing landmark of a record 3 million refugees. Reports of horrifying conditions inside the country detail cities where populations are surrounded, people going hungry and civilians being indiscriminately killed. It must be hard enough the trauma of this  but for the world to be watching too must also bring mixed emotions too. As the conflict runs into its fourth year, nearly half of the Syrian population have been forced to abandon their homes. On top of the three million refugees in neighbouring countries, 6.5 million have been displaced inside Syria. Are UK friends are going out to help but are being targeted by these cannibals and killed and what for and all we see is the media spin. Over half of the three million Syrian refugees are children under the age of 18. 75% of those are under the age of 11. Think more of what they feel ( the media dont have a clue ). Whilst all the media attention I find a little in my face. It makes me feel so lucky that I am not  facing worsening security conditions like the Syrians. Syrian refugees are reporting that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find work, food and commodity prices are rocketing and services are failing. The bare essentials are becoming increasingly harder to get hold of. In one Syrian village, the price of bread has increased tenfold since last year. Its such a shame that even out own special people in the UK are struggling to help. So as you sit eating your food or looking after your big clients, there is someone not that far away alot younger than you suffering. IF you can donate Unicef Syrian Children Aid Unicef Syrian Children Aid

As for the popups and newsflashes I taken some control over them sometimes as humans we are sinking in lots of information, and at times we dont need it cause we can do nothing with it.

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