RIP Microsoft Clipart

Microsoft Office announced Tuesday that it’s moving on from Clip Art, the image service that proved oh-so-popular in many a school paper and work presentation for years. I can remember using it on college assignments back in the days I was a college student at Preston’s College.

Microsoft go on to say “The Clip Art and image library has closed shop. Customers can still add images to their documents, presentations, and other files that they have saved to their devices (phones, tablets, and PCs), OneDrive, and SharePoint.” says over the years, Clip Art grew into an expansive library, from “only 82 illustrations built into Word 6.0 in 1996 … to more than 100,000 static and moving images housed online.”

RIP Microsoft Clipart, Microsoft will now send Office customers to its Bing search engine for images that are cleared through the Creative Commons licensing system. A Microsoft spokesperson said this move won’t be a big change for most users, as Microsoft, for years, has been using an online Clip Art database.But will it be the end or will they change their mindsas Microsoft has been known to bring back discontinued features in Office. For years now, the company has been sneaking Clippy, that annoying, and discontinued paper clip Office assistant, into new versions of its programs.

While on the topic of Microsoft, a quick recap for those trying to keep track of Windows 10 schedules: Microsoft is allowing Windows 10 testers to choose whether to receive Technical Preview updates more quickly or more slowly. Currently, only 10 percent of testers are opting to be on the fast track. (The slow track is the default.) I’m not sure if Microsoft will offer similar choices to testers of the coming Windows 10 mobile SKU, but I’d imagine so.

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