Outsourcing your Firms IT Support: Pros and Cons

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IT Life Belt
IT Life Belt

As your business grows, and I do hope your business does grow, your IT requirements will generally become more complex and more demanding.  Going back to my days as an IT Manager for Ingham Underwriting, I can remember growing the IT from a windows workgroup, into a full forest and domain.  I remember I-quote resilience needed to be high and a minute of downtime might be more costly than we thought, and affect more than just the comapnies employees. If your business is currently looking for IT support, and is at the crossroads between hiring an internal IT Manager or outsourcing IT support, here is a list of common pros and cons of outsourcing your firm’s IT support. There is no right or wrong answer as long as you ensure you have someone to do IT Support for your business, as you going to want to do what you do best and sell your own products and services. You even may have your own IT staff and may have them working on supporting a bespoke piece of software, so may just need some one to look after your server and desktop estate.

Pros of Outsourcing IT Support

The advantages of outsourcing your IT support in comparison with managing this in-house include:

  • More Affordable – Hiring an IT professional in-house can be costly to the business. Beyond the salary alone, the business also needs to consider annual leave, sick days and other employment benefits. Outsourcing is a common solution for business who cannot justify the expense of a full time employee, as the costs associated are much less.
  • Fixed Cost Solution – Most good IT support providers offer IT support at a fixed cost. This makes it easy for you to manage your monthly budget.
  • Exposure to an entire team – When your firm outsources to an external service provider, you are exposed to unlimited support from an entire team of IT professionals. If your business is considering hiring just one IT employee, outsourcing may be a better option as you’ll open the doors to a team of assistance, support and experience, rather than relying on a single person for the same support
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