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We are so excited to be working together with Synergy Telecoms to provide communications. After scrupulous researching many options we saw the best match with Synergy Telecoms.

Synergy Telecoms are a full service Telecommunications company offering a full range of services to allow organisations to maximise their datacomms spend. Our solutions scale from small start-up businesses up to multi-site multinational organisations looking to consolidate their communications into a single converged  platform.

Accede IT will going forward be able handle thru Synergy Telecoms for best value on your calls and lines for any size organisations. As a North West Telecoms reseller we have access to Openreach, who allow our team of support technicians to perform live line tests, raise faults, etc. direct with open reach there are no long call queues and calls are always fielded by a human being.

Synergy Telecoms relationship with Teir 1 carriers allows us to offer telephone calls and telephone line rental at very low prices.

Going forward James will be able to quote you for PSTN, ADSL, ISDN 2, EFM, GEA, SIP and Leased Lines. as well as looking at a recent bill of yours to quote for  line rental and call saving suitable to you business.

We look forward to saving you money in the future

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