Microsoft Access Database Support

We provide Microsoft Access database support and can help you enhance or fix problems with your Access database irrespective of whether we built the original system.

We work with many clients where the original developer of the database has left the company or is otherwise no longer available to support or make changes to the system.

We will put your system on to a sound footing and work with you to take it forward.



Does you database suffer from any of the following?

  • System too slow
  • Data in a mess
  • Reports missing data
  • Strange error messages
  • Database file cannot be opened
  • Problems resulting from upgrading to new versions of Access
  • Record locking problems
  • Information not saving properly
  • Incorrect calculations
  • Works on some machines but not others
  • lost original developer

We provide Microsoft Access database support working with clients across the UK and internationally.

Using remote control software we can look at your system over the Internet. Many of the problems listed above are quick and easy to resolve after an initial investigation.

Where appropriate we will arrange to get a copy of your database for more detailed investigation or come on site to look at the database in your offices.

We can also give your database a health check to avoid future problems.

If are you not sure as to how best to enhance your database or simply want to know what is possible and will runn in you version, as memory can be limit in 32 bit versions of Access, please contact us for a free consultation.Your database system should adapt and grow as your business evolves and grows. A database that is not adapted to fit the business as it changes will cause people to waste time as they work around it or manually perform tasks which should really be automated.Typical enhancements to consider:

  • Adding new fields so that new information can be stored and tracked
  • Adding queries, reports and data analysis features to help you retrieve and analyse the data you need
  • Implementing new or improved business process logic and workflow
  • Importing or exporting information
  • Automatic generation of documents or emails
  • Integration with Microsoft Office
  • Integration with back-office systems
  • Integration with Internet services and sites


Are you stuck with a system developed in Access 97 or another older version? We can painlessly upgrade you to a more modern version.Upgrading from ExcelIt is very common to start using Excel to solve a particular problem and then end up with a spreadsheet this is difficult to manage and report on.We can take your spreadsheet and give you an easy to use set of screens for data entry, point and click reporting and the ability for multiple users to work on the system at the same time.Upgrading to Microsoft SQL ServerIf your business is larger or expected to grow rapidly you may wish to consider using Microsoft SQL Server to store your data.
Microsoft SQL Server will scale up to many hundreds of users and offers a number of significant other benefits.

We are Microsoft Certified SQL Administrators and can setup Sql Server and migrate the data in your current Access system to MS SQL Server while keeping your existing Access front-end largely unchanged.

This allows you to scale up significantly while preserving your development investment to-date and minimise the change and disruption for your users.