London will get 5G network first.

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Boris guaranteed to over sell

We as a country haven’t managed to get 4G LTE spread across the UK, so why do I read with a smile good old Boris is claiming London will be first to see the 5g network. 5G promises lightning-fast mobile speeds. It will match todays land broadband speeds.
Still with a smile on my face, I think Boris has missed one big point. Nobody really knows what 5G is yet. It’s years away. We haven’t even begun to discuss standards. 4G is only just bedding in.  I really cant see us having 5G smartphones before 2023 at the earliest.

English: Mayor of London, Boris Johnson poses ...

 Boris Johnson’s long term infrasructure plans for London  include an eye-catching pledge to bring a 5G mobile network to London by 2020. Does he have some sort of crystal ball ?

Of course what it does do is make for a good political story. You can always rely on Boris for controversy.

Will we have a commercial 5G network by 2020? I wouldn’t rush to the bookmakers.
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