How To Create An Effective Landing Page

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Demystifying Landing Pages

Your landing page is your website visitors’ first port of call. It’s crucial that it’s well-designed, visually pleasing and simple to use or, there’s little chance of converting your website traffic into gold. Getting large volumes of traffic to your website is almost fruitless if they don’t engage. If they don’t stay long enough to interact. How do you convert your visitors into more than just fleeting friends? With an effective Landing Page.


What is a landing page?

Any page on a website where traffic is sent specifically to prompt a certain action or result.” according to Copyblogger.


Your aim is get your website visitors to take your chosen action once they’ve “ landed” on the page. This could be an email subscription, signing-up to a free trial, making a purchase or connecting with you on social media. Your call to action can be whatever you need it to be to convert that random person into a lead or customer.


Creating a landing page that converts

How do you create an engaging, effective landing page? Well, that depends on your budget. An experienced web developer should be able to create an optimised page that’s a perfect fit to your business and your target market. Got an idea of what you need to do but just can’t find the words?, look for a writer with experience in web content and marketing.


You can go it alone. There are landing page building tools such as Wishpond and LeadPages. If you’re a WordPress user, there are plugins such as Thrive. Creating a landing page this way is relatively simple. It’s optimising it that’s more difficult. Here’s what you need to consider:


  • What is your USP (unique selling point)? This needs to be in the headline on the page, or at least in the sub-heading. If you’re giving away something for free, say so!
  • Fantastic visuals will grab the attention of the reader. Try photos, videos or graphics but don’t go overboard. One or two visuals is sufficient.
  • State the benefits and not the features of your USP. There is a subtle difference. Use a short, bullet-point list to keep the attention of the reader.
  • Make your call to action clear. Give your reader one choice and make it stand out from the rest of the page. Whether it’s “ sign up now” or “ create your account”, the landing page needs to have a clear focus.
  • Quote from a client testimonial to build trust. If you use their image as well, even better.


Checkout these examples from Hubspot for inspiration.

 How effective is your landing page?

Get a grip on your web traffic statistics, look at your bounce rate. What percentage of visitors hit your landing page and then “ bounce” away, having failed to visit other pages on your site or follow your call to action? General consensus is that if it’s less than 40% you’re doing ok. If it’s not, it’s time to re-assess.

Take these easy steps:

  1. Get a sample of people to test your page. This can be friends and family. What don’t they like? Are they confused by anything? Do they understand your call to action?
  2. Review the layout and the content. Is it too wordy? Does the text need breaking-up with images, headings and bullet points? Less is more when it comes to great landing pages.
  3. How are you drawing traffic to your landing page? Make sure there’s consistency with any keywords used between your inbound marketing methods and your landing page.
  4. Are the benefits to engaging with your website clear? Remember it’s not just about what you’re offering, it’s what you can do to help your target audience.
  5. Have you got the tone of your content right? Does this fit with your target demographic? If in doubt, write in a conversational tone. Not too stuffy, yet not too lighthearted.


Creating a first-class landing page isn’t easy, even for the most skilled web developer or marketer. It is a crucial element of a successful sales and marketing strategy. Do it right and you’ll reap the benefits.


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