Is Apple set to release a larger Ipad ?

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Apple are not new to the rumour mill, the latest  claims being that Apple are working on a 12 inch model to release in Sping 2015. Reports of the Ipad Pro or Ipad Air Plus have popped up on lots of websites, with the usuall leaked pictures of the exterior posted on No Where Else Website as well as other sites. The image suggest that the device will be between 6.9mm and 7.5mm thick – thicker than the Ipad 2 – and have the 12.2 inch display. Its thought the increased size will allow Apple to take a competitive edge with Microsoft’s Surface, now in its 3 incarnation, by having  the Ipad pro run OS X Yosemite, the apple OS that runs on Apple Mac computers, rather than theIOS found on the current Ipads. Another site suggest  that the new tablet will have a detachable keyboard, like the Surface pro.

Just last year Apple signed a deal with IBM to help push its tablet to the corporate market. It looks like we will need to wait until April to find out if any of these rumours are correct, because the earliest release date mention in most reports.

Would you have the need for a larger Apple tablet device ?

What would you use the extra display space for ?

Why not leave us a comment with your thoughts ?


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