IPhone 6 phablet is imminent.

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Are you setting you alarm with all the other Iphone fans, or are you just curious as to the way phone technology is going. ? As the date approaches for Apple to unveil its latest devices at an event scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 9, rumors have been swirling about the new iphone’s ( yes plural ), a new wearable device, and features like digital payments and health tracking technology.

On Tuesday there could be to IPhone 6 adding  a new 4.7-inch screen as well as a 5.5-inch “phablet.”

Tuesday’s event will be held near Apple’s headquarters at the Flint Center in Cupertino, California, where Apple has been busy building an adjacent structure.

The venue also holds sentimental value, as this is where Steve Jobs introduced the original Mac in 1984. Could that be a sign that an entirely new device will be born? The odds are pretty good that we’re going to see a wearable at the show

If Apple does indeed unveil a wearable — unofficially called the iWatch — it will be competing with brands like Samsung and Motorola, which just introduced its Motp 360 round watch on Friday. Despite much excitement about wearables in the industry, smartwatches have not yet caught on in a big way with mainstream consumers, though Apple certainly must be hoping to change that.


So are you going to be in the queue with the rest of the world for your IPhone 6 phablet ? Will Apple call it an IPhone 6 phablet or maybe an IPhablet ? Who knows but you’ll either be there at the release or not ? And if you think by not being there you be able to hide, you should expect lots of coverage in the newspapers, Television and Radio too.

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