How Interim IT Management can help your business ?

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What is Interim management ?

Pictured: Superman and Batman pose for a selfie for DC Comic's official Instagram. (Photo : Instagram)
Pictured: Superman and Batman pose for a selfie for DC Comic’s official Instagram. (Photo : Instagram)

Interim IT management gives you all business from SME thru to corporates instant access to a senior ‘heavy-weight yet hands-on’ manager, with a proven track record, matched to your needs for that time.

Accede IT’s Virtual IT, offers your business an option of having an interim IT Manager. We are typically hired for three to nine months to  help organisations that are undergoing major change, trying to implement a critical strategy or looking to plug a critical management gap.

Most organisation choose to pursue the interim management route because the role in question is not a permanent position or a permanent executive/manager cannot be found fast enough. Whatever the reason, Accede’s interim IT management solution can offer your business major benefits:

  • Speed – We are available to start in days – with the minimum of recruitment or termination formalities.
  • Experience – interim managers are general overqualified for the work, but that works to your advantage in the short term while you stabilise your IT.
  • Results – they are only as good as their last placement – so track record and performance really count. They are used to being judged by results so they know how to deliver
  • Knowledge transfer – they will transfer a huge amount of skill, contacts and experience to your team which will remain long after they have left
  • Objectivity – while sensitive to the company’s ethos, they will not be constrained by company politics, personalities or protocols
  • Focused – they can be assigned a critical task and their performance measured against it
  • Delivery – yes they can act as counsel to the Board – but then they will roll up their sleeves and deliver the strategy too.

Our Virtual IT Managers are hands on and , provide:

  • The latest thinking, and apply this to your IT infrastructure.
  • Short-term access to top management talent
  • Strategic capability, advising different approaches to streamline and improve IT
  • An independent eye
  • Implementers as well as being strategists, analysts and planner
  • Loyal to your business objectives , we work to your set strategises
  • Flexible to do what you need
  • Focused on your profitability – We are not incentivised to sell in additional services you don’t need.

If your business requires a Project Manager then we advise you take a look at our Dreams Services, this service provides differs alot from the Virtual IT Manager in that the Project manager whislt hands on is more a facilitator and ensure all the task happen and milestones and dependancies are kept in order. Our Projects managers are very hands on and responsive to the Stakeholders communication needs and financial constraints. Our Project Managers provide

  • The latest thinking and use recognised Project Management formats (PRINCE II) and apply this to your Project.
  • Strategic capability, advising different approaches to streamline and improve project as time progress
  • Are strategists, analysts and planners
  • Loyal to your Project  , we work closely with your team to ensure problems are minimal and if need be sorted with the minimum of hassle to you.
  • Focused on your Cost, Delivery, Time and Quality.


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