Hannspree PC on a Stick review: turn a TV or HDMI monitor into a Windows PC

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A fully functional Windows PC that fits in the palm of your hand. Plug it into an HDMI port and away you go. Here’s our Hannspreee PC on a Stick review.


We all know that PCs are becoming more and more cheaper these days. As long as you don’t need vast amounts of power, you can buy a tower system (without a monitor) for less than ¬£150. For those who want something considerably smaller, Hannspree has produced what is currently the world’s smallest PC, and it isn’t much larger than a Google Chromecast.

The stick PC can almost be described as an HDMI dongle, since it can plug directly into a TV or computer monitor with an HDMI port. It can even take power from a TV’s USB port (so long as it can provide 2A, which most can’t) but a mains adaptor is included in the box. You also get a short HDMI extension cable in case the display’s HDMI port is in an awkward position. This lets you turn any monitor or TV into an all-in-one PC, with full-blown Windows and the ability to install your favourite apps. You might want to use it to make your TV ‘smart’ since you’ll be able to use a web browser and watch video from YouTube, Vimeo, iPlayer and all other catch-up services. ¬†Around the sides of the glossy black casing you’ll find a microUSB port for power, a full-size USB port for peripherals, a power button, some vents and a microSD slot. There’s no Ethernet port, so you’ll have to rely on the built-in Wi-Fi for an internet or LAN connection but as this is standard on most router that shouldn’t be a problem.

It should come as no surprise at its size that its not an i5 or i7 intel based machine,instead, the PC on a Stick has an Intel Atom Z3735F running at up to 1.83GHz, which is pretty respectable given the slim dimensions. It’s a 64-bit quad-core chip . There’s 2GB of RAM and 32GB of flash-based storage. Should you need it, there’s also Bluetooth.

Performance is naturally something of a compromise over a standard PC. In fact, it’s best described as smartphone-like.


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