The Great Iphone Hoax

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You either love it or hate it… and were not on about Marmite either.


There has been a email go viral about the new IOS 8 exclusive. Now before I mention what it is, do not, yes I repeat do not try this at home. Do Not, yes I repeat Do Not try this at home.

The internet based hoax is going around claiming you can charge the battery on the new iPhone 6 by putting it in the microwave, and incredibly some people are actually believing it.Users on the message board 4chan (yep, the one that posted stolen pictures of nude celebrities) created a fake product description of the phone, which included a claim that it could be charged up by putting it in the microwave.

The new feature was dubbed ‘wave’, and the graphic looked pretty convincing. Sadly a few people have fallen for the cruel joke and ruined their iPhones while others continue to bolster it up with misleading tweets. Don’t get caught out by these small minded people just because the is new and advancing tech out there, if it sounds stupid and dangerous it probably is.

It seems as the battle between Android and Apple users grow these silly and outrageous ploys for the user groups to out do each other rolls on. Its almost as bad as the wars in the Middle East , where innocent people that are there to help and just mind their own business get picked out as easy targets. Why cant people just get on with the own life choices.

One of the first things I was told when becoming self-employed is never to badmouth the competition. Rise above that and show the customer what it is your good at and how you differ from others. The clue its you, as there is not one individual who holds all the cards. Its your knowledge, your rapport with the customer and shared values. That should make you stand out from the next IT Professional or whatever it is you do. A customer relationship should  based on facts and constant reassurance of the understanding of the requirements and delivery of the solution, be that a service or product.

I am sure every business sector has it bad rumours or hoaxes why not share them with us.

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