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There are plenty of “Computer Specialist” that will quite happily take £25 an hour or more to fix some of the basic task you can do yourself.  I am a strong believer in only charging out my skills set when someone really does need a big problem solving or they arent quite comfortable, but if its getting the best performance out out of a computer that has been looked after and that has Anti Virus, then I always encourage  the customer to do a few easy tasks to see if it makes a difference before they pay me to investigate. With laptops and desktops at the todays baseline being sub £300, you as the end user need to put a value on the fix and decide when it makes more sense to buy new.

To give you some idea of the standard test we would run before being more forensic see below, all of these can do with no serious effect to computer, its our plan to post up some easy how to guides to carry these out yourself.

  • Delete temporary files
  • Remove any cookies
  • Remove unwanted programs using Control Panel
  • Delete shortcuts from start up to improve speed
  • Defragment hard drive to speed up accessing files
  • Update Anti-Virus or provide free software, you can use free Anti Virus but we do not recommended it. You wouldn’t put a garden gate on you front door, you would pay for a quality door.
  • Remove spyware, adware and malware ( again see our notes above )
  • Read and Clean Event logs

To complete all these task would see the first hour gone, so you can save that £25+ by having a go yourself. If your unlucky enough to have a machine that wont boot into windows again their are a few things you can try before call us up.

  • Try booting into Windows Safe Mode.
  • Try a System Restore

At this point if your not having any luck, make a note of what you have tried, when and what error meesage you get and give us a call, we can then organize a site visit. We can then review in the first hour your options to keep the costs under control for yourself.

Keep any eye out for our how too guides ?


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