ESet Smart Security






The Next Gen of Computer Security

Upgraded to counter even the most sophisticated cyberthreats.

The 6th generation of ESET Smart Security is a complex security suite combining antivirus and antispyware protection with personal firewall and antitheft features, as well as a Social Media Scanner and anti phishing security features.

How many personal photos and private emails are stored on your computer? Our comprehensive Anti-theft features, accessed via the web, help you locate your misplaced laptop on a map, block access to your files and turn on its webcam so you can identify the thief.

Location Tracking– Location tracking allows you to mark a device as mssing via your ESET Web Account and monitors the activity on your device. The software displays the position of the device on a map based on the Wi-Fi networks in range when it comes online. Not only this, but it also allows you to access all the information gathered via ESET Anti-Theft at

  •  Laptop Activity Control – Laptop Activity Watch allows you to watch thieves via a built-in camera and collects snapshots of the missing laptop’s screen. Laptop activity watch saves all recent photos and snapshots to your account at
  • Intelligent Firewall – ESET Smart Security 6 helps you prevent unauthorised users from accessing your computer remotely and taking control of your data.
  • Parental Control – an advanced feature in ESET Smart Security 6 that allows blocking of offensive material.
  • Gamer Mode – streamlines protection during gaming sessions by automatically switching to silent mode to conserve system resources even further.
  • Anti-Phishing – Prevents fake websites maquerading as trustworthy ones from acquring your personal information.
  • Small System Footprint – Maintains high performance and extends the lifetime of your computer and saves internet bandwidth with extremely small update packages.

Find out about the ESET Difference

Engineered around You: Just install and forget or feel free to tweak away

Secure them All!

Whether it’s web-browsing, exchanging e-mails, or paying bills online, you can rely on real-time, continual and consistent level of protection from even never-before-seen forms of malware. The way we carry out the fight against malware is multi-layered and backed by over 20 years of innovation of our scanning technology.

It starts by employing a complex of sophisticated detection algorithms, heuristic filtering methods and is supported by a global system of threat monitoring and analysis.

The result: Comprehensive, proactive security you can rely on.

  • User-centered Layout puts you in perfect control with the dashboard-like look of the “Tools” pane that is now even more intuitive and transparent. Also the most frequently used actions available from all screens.
  • True Security Customization with intuitive interface and fine-tuning options lets you find the best-fit security posture and keeps you abreast of vital security events and overall security status.
  • Light Footprint ensures a smooth performance, while the energy saving mode is ideal for laptop users and gamers.
  • ESET’s unique Unilicense system allows you to extend protection to all operating systems running on a single machine – Windows, Mac OS or Linux – at no additional cost!

With Unilicense, multi-license holders can deploy ESET security solutions on operating systems of choice in a mix-and-match fashion to meet all their security needs.

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