Are you an Entrepreneur or just a hobbiest ?

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As an entrepreneur, I have those days where I am sat by my laptop screen at 3am drafting up emails and thinking to myself, ‘what on earth were we thinking when one decided to begin a start-up’. I am sure it comes to all entrepreneurs, a hobby enthusiast is less likely to think this way. the majority of you reading this are either curious as to which you are, or intrigued to see if any of your suppliers or contacts fit in to either of these categories.

There are days where we all feel sky high and everything is going better than we ever imagined. But, sadly there are also days where we lack motivation and have to constantly remind ourselves why we began in the first place. Firstly, you’re not alone. I probably have had more tough days, as I am a disabled entrepreneur but that said I have met and made some incredible friends in business. I have always stayed true to my morales and have stayed true to who I am and never losing sight of what I want.Throughout this blog I have been shating a multitude of my experiences and interesting topics.

What is the reason behind it?
Accede IT was inspired by my very own family, I had the dream that some time in my life I wanted to be my own boss, spend more time at home and be more in control. Your family are usually your biggest drive for success and will continue to be so. I believe that having a ‘why’ when starting a business is one of the most important aspects. This is followed by drive, ambition and passion. When you have the ‘why’ in place it becomes more than just a ‘business’. It becomes a story, a story with a purpose. A reason is developed behind the project pushing you to achieve the once impossible and allowing you to get back up after being knocked down. After doing dozens of product designs with Accede IT, I shortly came to the realization that customers do not just buy into the product itself – they buy into ‘why’ you do it.

Dare to be different
Everyone wants to be rich, famous or have some sort of credibility, but in reality only few really want it. Only few demand it enough to go out and accomplish it. Entrepreneurs are fearless, courageous and high-spirited. They are a group of individuals who are not afraid to be diverse. Your friends are likely to be doing different things: partying while you’re at a meeting or sleeping while you’re slaving away in your local Coffee shop. You understand that the hard work will end up paying off and you will look back and thank your mentors, teachers and parents who supported and encouraged you throughout.
You have got to know what you want and just walk towards it. No matter how fast or slow you’re going, just continue to move, because eventually you will get to your destination. In order to do so you have got to really want it. You have got to wake up each and every morning with ambition, drive and hunger for that one thing. You will find that having this specific mind-set, you will soon attract the right individuals to yourself. This will make it easier for you to surround yourself with hungry and unstoppable people – people who want more in life and will stop at nothing until they get where they want to be. You become like five of the people you spend most of your time with. Choose wisely.

Open your eyes
There are opportunities around each opportunity you encounter be that a networking event or a phone call, you just have to learn to see them and when you do, don’t wait around, don’t hesitate. Go and grab them. Without fear or discouragement, grab it like it’s your last fighting chance. The majority of people dismiss most of the favourable circumstances that come your way due to fear. You cannot let fear stop you from living your dreams. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. It is a product of our imagination, it’s self imposed. We created it; we are able to destroy it. Fear is a choice, and as soon as we choose to discard fear we are able to achieve the so called ‘impossible’. It is a feature that we believe may happen in the future but most probably will not. It’s an excuse that will stop you from reaching your full potential.

Don’t give up
I have been knocked down and I am sure you have been too and you are going to get knocked down, again, again and again, but how do you ever expect to reach your goals if you don’t get back up? There are two ways you can see barriers. It can be something that knocks you down and forever scars you as a failure. Or, you can see it as a drive, as a force – something that will push you forward and increase your hunger, your ambition and eagerness. Something which will make you unstoppable and stronger than you were before. See that misadventure as something that has taken you a step closer to you accomplishing your dream. The ‘bad times’ are not here to stay, they are here to pass by. No period is permanent! You just have to keep driving  for what you really desire and guess what, one day will be your day.

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