Are you employees exposing your businesses IT ?

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End User Productivity – Can effect your business security, idle handle area danger to your systems.

You hire an IT Manager or supplier to help ensure your secure. You install awesome software on your mobile computers, servers and desktop computer, you have sticky notes in public areas reminding people to not write down their passwords. You hope that the investement improves end user productivity.

But do you know you are still NOT as secure as you can be. AN IT Manager on his own will not be short of things to do if he or she is looking after all the updates, IT projects, backups  and planning for the future.

We carried out some research which found that company workers (and owners) are doing some pretty bad things which are making their networks much less secure.

The most common thing they see is the browsing of social media websites followed by:

  • Opening inappropriate email attachments
  • Downloading games
  • Plugging in unauthorized USB devices
  • Plugging in unauthorized personal devices
  • Illegal downloads (e.g. pirating movies, music or software)
  • Looking for other jobs

Is this good use of end user productivity? The are arguments for and against but you can be sure that some of these bad habits have their share of repercussions. Talking with IT Managers on social media they say that they’ve witnessed problems to company equipment because of these actions including:

  • Viruses
  • Slow computers
  • Crashed computers
  • Mass popups
  • Inability to open email

If you want to ensure your small  network or individual computer are secure there’s several things you can ensure your employees do.

  • Be very careful in opening any email – in fact do it slowly and with great thought and care
  • Be careful in opening up emails – in fact have your images “off” by default
  • Ensure your email provider and Internet Service Provider have built in security to scan email and protect your network
  • Installed security software at all your end points – notebook, computer, mobile devices
  • Be careful when using public networks.
  • These are just a few things you can do to be more secure.


Being told you have a security breach is a harrowing expereince for anyone, but for a business it can change the way a customer thinks of your too. At time like these it is  encouraging to know a wealth of profesionals based at Accede IT  in Preston can offer support every step of the way to you and you customers. At Accede IT , there are arange of services offered to SME’s including:

  • Specialist Recovery and Breach Closures.
  • Virus Removal.
  • Data Restores from your Backup.
  • Help with Antivirus deploments
  • Help with a documented Disaster Recovery Plan ( like a will for computer systems ).

As an intergral part of recovery, we offer planning for the future so that swift recovery and the maximum avoidance measure can be documented and put in place, witha  set of rules in place you can ensure everyone understand how to keep the business secure. It is better to be prepared so that should something go wrong then at least you can ensure your staff can continue being productive, and earn your business money in other ways.

Accede can help you  ( and your IT Manager ) free up time on some of these tasks. We offer many solutions that you can take advantages of:

If you have any questions why not call us on 01772 802099 or email

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