Emergency IT Support

Emergency IT Support

Accede IT offers emergency IT support whether you already have an existing contract with us or not. If you have a serious problem with your IT, call now on 01772 802099.

Your crisis might be breakdown, data loss or corrupted files; it might have been caused by ageing hardware, out-of-date software, accidental damage, malicious acts, environmental conditions or something completely out of your control, such as fire, theft, flooding or third party damage during building work.

The issue might involve one computer, an entire network, your server or your broadband internet connection; Accede IT emergency Tech support service can handle and resolve all problems.

Minimising emergency IT support costs

Accede IT support services welcomes calls from all businesses experiencing problems with their software, hardware, servers, intranet and internet. When you call us, we will take preliminary details, assess the situation and agree with you the way forward: this ranges from telephone guidance to an on-site visit.

We guarantee we will resolve your problems for you as soon as possible – we completely understand that time is money, and how IT downtime can impact your schedules, profits and reputation.

Clients on Accede IT support contract have a priority service level agreement.