Summer Glare – Display Screen Equipment

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We all now starting to think now of the sun and enjoy the warm weather. Some of us thou will be inside working while the sun is beating down outside.  Unless your workplace has no windows, you will probably find you start to glare from sunlight on your  computer screens or your colleagues. This can be problematic, especially during the summer period, so what better time to complete the  Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Risk Assessment.

The basic requirement of the Health and Safety (DSE) Regulations is to ensure that a suitable and sufficient risk assessment of the work station including software in use, trip and electrical hazards from trailing cables and the surrounding environment has been completed.

Considerations should also include;

  • A plan of work to ensure that there are adequate breaks in the work pattern to prevent eye strain
  • The provision of free eyesight tests and, if required, spectacles for those using display screen equipment
  • A suitable programme of training and sufficient information given to all users
  • Workstation compliance with the minimum specifications set out in the schedules appended to the regulations

The direction your windows face (North, South, East, or West) and the time of day you will get the most intense light through the windows should also be considered. Windows should be fitted with window blinds for employees to prevent glare on their screens by blocking direct sunlight. Sometimes glare relates to the position of the monitor itself – consider moving the screen to a position that works best for the employee and if necessary consider screen glare protection.

Don’t forget, homeworkers and teleworkers working away from the business premises are also subject to the DSE regulations, whether the work station is provided by the employer or not.

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