Desk’s are over rated as we all want more autonomy.

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Office Desktop is dying. Do we all craze for autonomy ?
Office Desktop is dying. Or is it ?

Tech boutiques and startups alike spend a fortune on creating fancy offices with lots of perks. But arguably the biggest perk is allowing employees to work with autonomy. That right just wherever they want, whenever they want. If you’re an employer perhaps the alarm bells are ringing now.

This is something larger business are now grasping as autonomy saves money, good examples are WordPress, Microsoft and Oracle. Today businesses have global workforces and have adopted hot desk at their central location, providing the basic need when working in the office prior to meetings. This is instead of investing money into office perks, companies like WordPress  invests that money into meet-ups for its employees.
So does this happen much in the UK? Well again in the larger business like Vodafone yes. But it hasn’t yet become the norm with other businesses.  Research indicates employees greatly value autonomy. This is part of what’s driving millennials to leave traditional offices and go out on their own. Everything is pointing in that direction. We care more about mobility and independence. My business is where every I am be that at home, in the office in Preston or whilst travelling on the train. Telecommunications are so smart these days with divert’s and “Follow me” I don’t need to be in the office unless I have meeting.
Accede IT has started out as a distributed workforce because it was the easiest way to attract the best associate talent from around the UK.
This allows us to work from anywhere that makes it easier to focus on the work itself, without the distractions of office politics.  We estimate that around 75% of Brits work in open-plan offices and research shows that the open spaces actually can have a negative impact on productivity and overall happiness. Privacy is just as important for performance.
If you are work now, what are you doing? Chances are you are  spending most of your time looking at screens ( when your not read this blog ). If you are looking at screens, you could be anywhere.  Now we are saying that the success of companies like Oracle aren’t necessarily tied to being decentralized or not. Operating remotely is just another way of working. Success is more directly related to the types of people the company hires, including whether they are good communicators and the underlying power structures at play—factors that influence whether any company sinks or swims.
All the benefits of technology aside, the most successful companies trust their employees—whether they’re across the world, or right under the boss’s nose.
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