Data Protection – Business Declaration

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Businesses live and die about the information they hold on people like yourselves and all good companies tell the clients why the informations is collected about you and the waysin which the information needed  may be used.

After a recent visit to a hospital I was reading the paperwork that come when you agree to a new procedure. Most of use gloss over this and just sign but admittedly signing as i trust the NHS. I did have a read while i wait for my treatment.

The term and conditions stated;

Why they collect information about you ?

How they keep records ?

How your records are used to help you ?

How the records help them ?

How they ensure they keep you records confidential ?

Who their partner organisations are?

How they allow access to your records.?

Details of how to get further information.

So if you’re a business with my details or anyone else’s could you answer these questions. as a customer


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