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Its all about the people
Its all about the people

Customer Services: Its all about the people, isn’t it ?

Written By James Page

Customer Service is what a business succeeds or fails on and its all about people and communication. I was reading an article written by Alex Scroxton from Computer weekly who interviewed Joe Garner. The article has  some of the probing question about the incidents where Openreach got it wrong and then further compounded the frustration by poor customer services. As Communication’s company with bad customer services something must be terrible wrong in an industry all about talking.  But let not run Openreach the have had some successes and the article outline that Joe Garner has plan to change the business.

Garner suggest that we the customer need to have more control over experience and even he admits it doesn’t happen over night and that his engineers will have to adapt to to be able to handle interactions with you and me when we  are a little annoyed. As an IT professional I have found empathy work s very well and whilst the user maybe criticising me because their computer that worked for the last 18 months has now stopped, I depersonalise the issue. By doing this I am not accepting its my fault, I am going to help them as the hired help to resolve this and fix it or replace it. If our user/customers trust us to deliver a solution then I have found they are more appreciative of your help, some even apologise for flying off the handle too.

Garner also boast of a new system that show the the Broadband Provider the activities for a job, and it was down to the ISP to decided what they make available to the customer. I would call this a Dashboard solution, the dashboard is not a new concept and alot of dashboard are written so that management executives can take a view of where there business is.

Customer Services is changing, but only from the point of view that customers want more and more information available to them and they know its available via the media of telecoms or the digital networks we have.


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