Should you get upset when people unsubscribe from your updates ?

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Convert unsubcribes to a positive. Don’t give up to soon!

I can’t say I’m happy at first. I’ll be honest. When I see that a bunch of people have unsubscribed just after I sent out a fresh newsletter , I don’t exactly jump for joy. In fact, my initial reaction is probably like seeing someone suddenly, without explanation, leave the a meeting you had put on and thought was going well.

So the obvious questions arise.  Was it something I said? Is what I’m sending out boring or annoying?

The worst unsubscribe’s are from people you know well or have worked for ages with.  Its always hard to know why something previously got you the subscribe and now they gone. Most newsletter will be based on a theme, so what could have made them click on unsubscribe.

There can be many perfectly understandable reasons for someone unsubscribing, for example:

  • the information in my newsletter is not really relevant for what they are doing NOW or interested in NOW
  • they are trying to establish some control over an overflowing inbox (I can relate to that, especially)
  • they don’t remember ever signing up for information from me and might even feel a bit miffed about receiving anything

Why I do genuinely love getting those unsubscribe notifications and why you should too convert unsubcribes to a positive

Although my initial reaction is often a basic human “don’t they appreciate me?” one, when I have had a moment to reflect, I am pleased.


  • Who in their right mind wants to be sending messages to people who don’t want them?
  • When people unsubscribe I know I am making some impression and hopefully for those who stay on the list that is a positive impression
  • My mailing lists are improved by including fewer addresses of people who are not interested in hearing from me
  • It puts me on my course to do better, provide more interesting/valuable information, improve my communication generally

In fact, right now I can’t think of a downside. Can you?

If someone who you know has unsubcribed then it should alert you to open further dialogue with them. maybe even get there opinion. The things about talking to some is you are making them feel valued by just asking them. So next time you see a negative why not look at how you can make it a positive. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

You only have to look at how people manage the twitter accounts, where by instead of removing someone they mute the twitter feed during time where they don’t want to be bothered.


So to conclude you do have an option available to you everytime, it just a matter of how you pursue it. Convert unsubcribes to a positive, Start today and reap the reward of showing the customer they are important.

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