Chris Moyles was the saviour of Radio 1…. Our Virtual IT Manager is the savior of SME’s IT

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The Virtual IT Manager Service provides an extra dimension to the Accede IT Support offering. The kind of  IT support and strategy you would receive from an full time IT manager; ensuring your current IT systems are optimized and developed for current requirements, as well as providing advice on current and future opportunities for improvement.
Here’s how just a few advantages you business can exploit from our Virtual IT Manager Service:

  • IT documentation – Develop IT policies and procedures – A standardized approach to activities such as the creation of a new user or the departure of an existing user can streamline the process and allows for clarity about what to expect. The increased prevalence of mobile devices such as smartphones, and reliance on remote access to resources such as e-mail, means it is vital to set out ‘acceptable use’ policies.
  • Optimize your current systems to get the most from your budget – Regular housekeeping ensures that your systems are running at their best and can prolong the life of your existing equipment. We also provide advice and guidance about whether your current equipment is being fully utilized: for example many companies only use a fraction of the features available on their firewall simply because they don’t know what features are available?
  • Malware and AV checks: How many people click ask me again when the Full AV scan comes up ? We can help ensure all system are updated and checked by scheduling check during quiet or out of office hours.
  • General System advice and consultancy, plan ahead for IT expenditure – IT equipment represents a significant investment. We can help you plan ahead for that investment and avoid any ‘nasty surprises’.
  • Take advantage of new technologies – Our wide-ranging experience of various products means we are ideally placed to offer the best possible advice on new technologies. Is the ‘cloud’ right for you? Should you consider virtualisation? What are the advantages of online backups?
  • Auditing and licensing – We can help carry these out and report back any findings such as misuse of equipment and shortfalls/over subscription in licensing.
  • IT & Telecoms system Management
  • Computer training
  • Manage IT & Telecom vendors
  • Manage faults with vendors
  • Project Management of any installations
  • Working out budgets
  • Disaster recovery plans
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