Change Management – It shouldn’t be scary, but some business find it so.

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Today, most businesses are facing more turbulent markets, more demanding shareholders and more discerning customers, and many, possible like you, are restructuring (changing) to meet such challenges. The pressures on business are greater today more than ever. Does the 40 hour week still exist?  Its not just local or even national competition, with the internet we have to consider global competition as well as  oppressive macroeconomic conditions, and informed, discerning customers mean businesses must deliver ever higher levels of quality and service, at competitive prices. Quite often these pressures necessitate changing how the our organisations operates – to inject a more commercial outlook, to redefine roles, to eliminate unproductive work habits, or to integrate a new technology to support the business.

If change management is distracting your managers, if you need specialist skills for a critical change initiative or if you have a change strategy but lack the management manpower to deliver it, then let Accede give you instant access to the outstanding change managers you need. Resistance to change is natural. The very solidity of habits, processes and structures – when they’re competitive and productive – can help strengthen an organisation. But when an organisation’s current state impedes its ability to serve the customer, to innovate for the future, or to capitalise on a new initiative, change must happen, and fast.

Change management is a wide spectrum of processes and professional specialities aimed at successfully introducing change. These are not “soft skills” with merely subjective outcomes: the results of successful change management can be easily measured, in the satisfaction of customers, speed of delivery of a particular action or service, or time to market. It’s a proactive process, with success seen in hindsight: if an organisation designs a programme of change, executes it, and measures favourable outcomes, then it can be said that effective change management has occurred.

Accede IT believes effective change management is best driven by people in the organisation undergoing the change – the owners of the particular business process – supported where necessary by hands-on specialist practitioners these could be the data inputters on a system . Our approach to change management is resource driven and we go deep down to the user base that are going to be using the process day in and out. What we can deliver is an experienced change manager or change programme director, with a track record of delivering successful change in similar circumstances, and if necessary, with mastery of specific change management tools.

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