Could your businesses benefit from remote network monitoring & management ?

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Multi site Network Management
Multisite Management

So what is Remote Network Monitoring and Management?

Network Monitoring and Management consists of a collection of hardware and/or software information technology tools loaded to your workstations and servers which allow remote or outside secure access by IT professionals to supervise and manage the components of your network. Remote Network Monitoring and Management provides you with 24/7 supervision of your IT Hardware and Software, with the sole goal of ensuring your systems are always performing at maximum health and efficiency.

Monitor you Machine
Monitor you Machine

What should I expect from a Remote Network Monitoring and Management Service?

Remote Network Monitoring and Management can be broken into three areas:

1. 24/7 Network Monitoring
Network Monitoring refers to supervising and managing your IT infrastructure as a whole. This includes your computers, servers, virtual machines and anything else that falls within your IT system.

2. 24/7 Server Monitoring
Server monitoring refers to locating and resolving issues that may apply to your website, bandwidth, backups or CPU.

3. 24/7 Security Monitoring
The final element that Network Monitoring and Management supervises is Security. This process is about monitoring the network 24/7 for any security breaches; diffusing them before they attack, and minimising their effects.

What are the benefits of Remote Network Monitoring and Management To My Business?

Now that you have an understanding of what is meant by Remote Network Monitoring and Management, let’s now take a look at what’s in it for you – the benefits for businesses.

First and foremost, businesses benefit from reduced downtime or service bottlenecks. More uptime for you means uninterrupted business, well at least from a technology point of view, which should mean less opportunities to lose sales.  Some SME’s see this as a cost they prepared to take a risk on, but if this is what your business is doing it is still well worth working out the cost the cost of downtime to your businesses. In short, downtime is costly to businesses. Not only are you likely to lose potential website leads and business opportunities, it also reduces staff productivity and efficiency. Partnering with a Remote Monitoring service provider ensures your network is being monitored 24/7, minimizing your downtime to ensure you’re always performing at maximum efficiency.

Another huge benefit of utilizing Remote Network Monitoring and Management is security. With more and more business processes moving online, data security is one of the top issues for many companies. The loss of customer or confidential data can be incredibly costly to any business. The information Commissioner Office are getting more and more stringent on buinesses not safe guarding the consumers data. Having your system monitored 24/7 for security threats and hacking breaches is an obvious advantage for your business. Monitoring can often locate threats before they enter the network, ensuring your network and data is kept safe and secure around the clock.

Finally, Remote Network Monitoring and Management saves you money! Cost savings are a huge advantage of employing a remote provider. Unlike employing an in-house team where you will need to allow for salaries, holidays, tax and national insurance, a fixed fee option through a Remote Provider is a more affordable option. Most remote providers, including Accede -IT , provide fixed price solutions. This means that you’ll know what services you’re getting for a specified monthly fee; making budget management easy. In addition, your remote service provider will have a number of highly trained professionals providing you the very best level of service possible, and you’ll never need to worry about your IT professional taking a vacation or sick day – your service provider will always be there to provide 24/7 monitoring of your network,, 365 days a year.

Accede IT provides the very best Remote Network Monitoring and Management solutions. We support Linux, Windows and Unix servers, and our Help Desk support can quickly respond to events 24/7, 365 days a year. If you’re looking for peace of mind knowing that your IT infrastructure is in safe hands, contact us today.

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