Considered Simply Switching your business energy supplier?

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Written by James Page

Did you know that four in five Business could save on average £200+ on energy bills just by switching energy suppliers?

At Accede IT we’re often looking for the best value for our business, but we are shocked that so many business don’t negotiation on the energy bill and to similar degree there teelcoms bills. oes this mean that we as a nation would rather needlessly spend hundreds of pounds a year on utilities than spend a few minutes switching?

Ofgem, the energy industry regulator,conducted a study  and found that only one in five people in the UK actually took the time to switch their energy supplier. They also found that those people who’ve never switched before could be better off by up to £200 a year, just by finding a new supplier.

I am sure alot of business have more pressing tasks and  last thing you want to do is spend hours trawling through different websites and figures to work out what the best deal is for your Business.

Whether it’s for gas, electricity or dual fuel,we are working  with an energy consultant who has done the trawling for us an he will ensure that we are always kept up to date about the most competitive deals out there on the market, for both fixed rate and standard variable tariffs.

The great thing is Paul is  dedicated to finding the cheapest options for Accede IT and  helps us to find the right tariffs to consider when switching energy providers.  So be proactive  and take positive action to ensure that you’re getting the very best deal on your energy bills. If you want help and we can forward your details on to our energy consultant and get him to call you direct. Just drop an email to


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