Austerity – How will it affect you ?

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Its the Sunday night after the Tories returned to governing the UK. I am watching Modern Times on BBC 2 . As I go thru my ritual of catching up on the week ,whilst watch a documentary on Contemporary Britain – For Richer, For Poorer.

The impact of the recession has not been all doom and gloom even with Cameron cutting everything back. Many thousands have taken it as a call to arms  – a chance to ditch the soulless nine-to-five and start a business, nearly half of them run by couples. As I continue to scroll thru Cameron’s new government minister I wonder if the wave of change will make people think again. George Osbourne, remains as Chancellor so we can probably see more pain this. 

For richer for poorer the stakes couldn’t be higher post the election.  If some today was looking to setup in business are they prepared to gamble their savings, loans or family nest-eggs, but also putting their relationships on the line. As austerity will see tax credits and benefits cut, sanctions increased across more benefits/taxes, it become a real hard decision to maybe make  life changes, when a partner becomes a business partner. Who is in charge in your house hold ? If you work with your partner who really wears the trousers when love and work collide? There’s a fine line between fortune and ruin – and since one in four businesses don’t make it past the first year, the pressure to get things right couldn’t be greater.

As I get to the end of my catch up I see a number of protest, with relation to the tory government, something seems completely backwards I guess about this. The seems to be so much upset of the tories getting into government, yet some people somewhere voted them in. Even celebs like Charlotte Church were seen fighting against the election result, along with JK Rowling and others.

Meanwhile I have a few things for you to ponder over:

  1. We all need to have been paying more attention to the SNP. Why did the Scots decide against independence and then sign up in droves with the party that’s for it?
  2. The NHS was an issue. Every party agreed that the NHS is brilliant, wonderful, a national treasure. But if the NHS is brilliant, wonderful and a national treasure, why was every party promising to fix it?

A Point of View: A baffled American’s take on the UK election – BBC News

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