Auditing your data

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With 2014 being a distant memory and 2015 now firmly in place, is now the best time to take a fresh look at your data  practices?
Often employers think that auditing is purely for their accounts department, and as employers, we do not give a second thought to getting the auditors in annually to ensure that we are acting in a financially compliant and responsible manner but what about other audit we should be doing.
Auditing data practices could be seen as a valuable business exercise, with the Data Registrar looking at what every business, charity and office is doing with data there is a few business that don’t take the issue seriously until its to late.
At Accede It , we carry out audits that are designed to be conducted on site or remotely over half a day or over to two days ( to minimise interruptions ) depending on the size and complexity of your business operation. Each audit will look at every aspect of your data operation, from workforce planning and training through to destroying unnecessary data strategies. Each audit is followed up with a report of your data compliance along with how best to focus your compliance activities going forward in order to ensure that your systems are working effectively with a view to achieving your business goals and data compliance.

Did you know that the Data Protection Act 1998, requires employers to limit information contained on individual personal files to that which is ‘relevant’!
Often employers overlook their responsibility in relation to HR filing, which can lead to claims under the Data Protection Act, when outdated information is held on the individual files.

An annual audit of files is often recommended, however, many employers find it difficult to prioritise this activity throughout the year, with more important issues taking president.

We can help you and direct you so that if the data registrar was to check you out that you can be as compliant as you can be.

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