10 Warning Signs That You Chose the Wrong Blog Topic

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Blogging is supposed to be fun, topical and a way fo sharing your feelings in more than 160 character ( Twitter  is more for the short opinion ). So firstly let get to the nitty gritty if your new to blogging and have only a few post you may find it too early to make a judgement, you need to gather a following and have a way of seeing the impact of your post. This could be by number of visit (google analytics), Facebook likes, Linkedin shares, Google + shares and Pintrest. The list really could go on.

So lets assume  you started and well into the daily blogs, you are still proud to have a blog and want to progress. You will have picked a topic that seemed interesting, fired up WordPress, and proceeded to write your heart out, certainly  you will have  eventually gathered a following, and it at the moment all has  proven worthwhile.

But as the analysis show you may begin to worry your reach has flat lined. You’re not getting much more  traffic. You’re not getting many comments and you’re not making any money if its a business based blog.

Not that you haven’t tried, of course. You’ve done all the things popular bloggers say to do, like publishing great content and commenting on other popular blogs and getting accounts on Twitter and Facebook, but no matter how hard you work, no matter how many different techniques you try, none of it is working.

Most of use then question what it is they are doing wrong. Could you have chosen a topic for your blog that never has a chance of becoming popular?

Could you in fact be wasting your time trying to keep your blog alive, when really the only sensible thing to do is junk it and start over?

So we have found 10 Warning signs to watch out for:


10 : Alarm Bells should be ringing if fewer than 1% of your visitors are commenting. Bare minimum, you should get comments from 1 in 100 visitors. So, if you’re pulling 2000 unique visitors per month (google analytics), you should receive about 20 comments during that month. At least. More is better, but if you’re not even in the 1% range, you might want to look at your topic. Chances are, it’s not engaging people.

9 : The blue light should be flashing if no one else is serving your audience. Lots of bloggers think they need to be unique, so they hunt for an audience no one else is serving, believing the lack of competition will put them on easy street. But really, they are screwing themselves. If there’s no one else around, who will link to you? Where are your readers going to come from? You should absolutely have a unique angle, but trying to build an audience from scratch is suicide for all but the most skilled and patient marketers.

8There aren’t any associations with more than 10K members. A big question you should ask yourself about your audience is, “Do they self identify?” Plumbers call themselves plumbers, bankers call themselves bankers, bloggers call themselves bloggers. The stronger their identification with their group, the more likely there will be an active association, and the better a blog will do targeting that audience.

7: There are no magazines on your topic or audience at Barnes & Noble. Next, head over to Barnes & Noble and browse the magazine racks. If you can find a magazine about your topic or serving your audience, the niche is probably big enough and popular enough to support a blog. If you can’t find any, it might mean nothing, but it should concern you.

6: There aren’t any products for sale on Amazon. Earlier, we talked about searching Amazon for book reviews, but you should also search for other products your audience might like to buy. Promoting Amazon products via affiliate links is one of the most common ways to monetize a blog, especially if it’s related to a popular consumer category, so you should do some research and figure out what your audience might be willing to buy there. If you can’t find anything, you need to find a different monetization channel, or you could be in trouble.

5: You procrastinate because writing is a chore. Ever sit staring at an unfinished blog post, procrastinating, because finishing the post will be about as exciting as mowing the grass? If it happens once in a blue moon, you’re normal — we all have off days — but if none of the blog posts you write get your ticker going, you need to find a different topic, quick.

4: You’re writing to incompatible audiences. Let’s say you have a blog about vegetarianism and entrepreneurship. Every time you write a post for the vegetarians, the entrepreneurs are bored, and every time you write a post for entrepreneurs, the vegetarians are bored. The two audiences are incompatible. On the other hand, a blog about vegetarianism and fitness could work well, because they both appeal to health-conscious people.

3: There are no regular conferences with more than 1K attendees. Another way audiences self identify is by attending conferences and trade shows. Ideally, you want there to be at least one major conference or tradeshow every year for your audience, and you want at least 1,000 paying attendees so you could network. The more attendees there are, and the more they pay to be there, the stronger your topic probably is.

2: Google shows less than 100K searches per month. Shockingly, the Google gods are actually willing to tell you how many people are searching for information on your topic. Use the Google Keyword Tool to do a broad match search for keywords related to your blog and look at how many searches those keywords are getting. You want to see one, preferably more, with at least 100,000 searches per month.

1:You’ve run out of new topics to write about. The same goes for running out of new topics to write about. If you’ve been blogging for less than a year, and you already have to rehash the same old topics over and over again, you need to broaden your scope.

Now I hope I have not made you think you screwed up, I don’t want to ever discourage anyone from blogging. The truth is you probably a great blogger you just need to focus on what it is everyone is talking about. Have a great day and comment with your blogs urls and we will certainly will  give you some feedback if we aren’t already a reader of your blog.

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